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In tax matters, we work in the management of tax assets and liabilities of companies, actively working in the interpretation and application of tax rules at the federal, state and municipal levels, with a focus on defending the interests of our clients.

In fiscal-tax litigation, we highlight our presence in disputes between taxpayers and tax authorities, defending taxpayers in the legal-tax relationship and, more specifically, in the following:

  • Preparation of defenses and challenges to tax infraction notices;
  • Preparation of resources in administrative tax proceedings for higher instances in supervisory bodies;
  • Promotion of writs of mandamus;
  • Promotion of ordinary lawsuits questioning the demand for taxes levied by the public administration;
  • Defense of taxpayers’ claims in oral arguments before administrative and judicial

Aiming to enhance economic results, generation and preservation of Customers’ cash, we act diligently as patrons of winning tax theses in higher courts and in an avant-garde way in initial instances.

In addition to procedural representation, we act as legal advisors and advisors in tax matters. We carry out from tax planning to legal opinions, as well as support in the definition of tax strategies that are linked to the corporate issues of our clients, contributing to a complete solution to our clients’ needs.