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Retail And Consumption

With extensive experience in the sector, Zavagna Gralha Advogados stands out for its role in defending its clients in lawsuits involving consumer relations, both in the judicial and administrative spheres. Serving the largest players in the sector, Zavagna Gralha acts in lawsuits across the country, and consumer rights defense bodies, such as the Public Ministry and Procon. The action is not limited to the preparation of defenses and appeals, but also includes the preparation of diagnoses of recurring issues in the courts and the identification of the root cause of assessments.

Since its purpose is to create actions with the client’s identity, Zavagna Gralha works with immersion of its team in the partner’s culture, thus enabling the identification of key points for improvement and the making of assertive theses.

Within this purpose, Zavagna Gralha monitors the client’s procedures and policies aimed at consumer relations, on all fronts, such as physical stores and online commerce. The work carried out by the team encompasses the review of contracts, terms and conditions, advertising campaigns and big dates for retail. Zavagna Gralha also offers training to store managers, Customer Service employees and other areas of companies that have contact with the customer.

Aware of the sector-sensitive issue, namely, the protection of commercial establishments, Zavagna Gralha also operates in the real estate sector, in a consultative and litigious manner. It provides the team with services for reviewing and drafting real estate contracts, reviewing amendments and monitoring the negotiations for renewal/revision of its clients’ contracts with the lessors. Provides the team with services of studies of legislation and impacts generated in the sector. And in the litigation area, Zavagna Gralha defends its clients through the filing of renewal and revision actions for leases, with innovative theses and aimed at the interests of its partners.

Among the services that differentiate Zavagna Gralha Advogados, the following can be highlighted:

  • Exercise of administrative defense in relation to tax assessments by bodies such as the Public Ministry and Procon;
  • Preparation of diagnoses of the root causes of assessments;
  • Analysis of the assessment base and suggestions for consultative and litigation strategies;
  • Monitoring of advertising campaigns and online commerce;
  • Training of internal customer teams, aligning the actions to be taken at each end;
  • Adoption of legal measures to review tax assessment notices;
  • Profile analysis and professional conduct in relation to consumer standards;
  • Continuous analysis of state and federal consumer-oriented legislation, avoiding regionalized fines;
  • Preparation and review of lease contracts;
  • Filing of renewal and revision