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Our work covers both the advisory/preventive area, providing guidance to clients about questions arising from consumer relations, and the litigation area, in defense of companies from different segments.

Our experience in defending large retailers across the national territory makes the sector a specialty in our office.

We work in a preventive, consultative and litigious manner in conflicts between suppliers, consumers and supervisory bodies, aiming to guarantee the defense of the companies’ rights.

We provide clarifications to Inmetro, as well as to the Public Ministry, promoting training within companies through training offered to Consumer Service (SAC) professionals.

We work in all instances of legal proceedings, structuring mechanisms to prevent and reduce litigation, managing legal actions through strategies for identifying process portfolios, structuring and reducing contingency.

We have consolidated experience in identifying and responding to opposing lawyers, with the aim of reducing the number of repeated lawsuits against clients.

The legal services provided by Zavagna Gralha include, amongst others:


  • Preparation, review and analysis of contracts involving consumer relations;
  • Preparation and review of terms of acceptance of commercial conditions, as well as advising on the implementation of new commercial practices;
  • Consultative action on issues of liability, commercial practices and contractual protection, through the preparation of legal opinions;
  • Definition of strategy, elaboration of defenses, manifestations and appeals in the judicial sphere;
  • Elaboration of all the necessary pieces for the best conduct of the process, including judicial appeals to the Court of Justice and Superior Courts;
  • Participation in meetings and hearings, as well as in judging sessions;
  • Oral support and/or conversation with the counterparty’s judges and lawyers, if relevant;
  • Working along with opposing lawyers according to repetitive demands arising from the inappropriate attraction of opposing lawyers;
  • Team qualification through training, seminars and lectures;
  • Joint action with the client’s commercial and marketing areas to provide comprehensive advice on advertising, development and launch of new products, including packaging, pamphlets, notices, warranties, terms and conditions, user manuals, privacy policies and data management.