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Zavagna Gralha Advogados advises its agribusiness clients in all stages of production activity. We advise clients on different specific issues, from the acquisition and regularization of rural properties to financial projects, corporate and equity restructuring, as well as advising on regulatory matters.

We advise clients in different areas of law, whether in a consultative, preventive manner, or through legal representation, in litigation, offering specialized services in contracts, corporate, labor and tax, with experienced professionals in the sector.

The firm’s expertise includes:

  • Environmental and regulatory: consultancy for the licensing and regularization of real estate and rural projects, monitoring of public health and sanitary actions, negotiations with regulatory bodies and the Public Ministry, audits and risk management;
  • Litigation: support and sponsorship of complex litigation, in court and arbitration, different performance in conflicts established from commercial contract, guarantees, as in corporate disputes, with differentiated results for the resolution of conflicts in individual and collective actions;
  • Contractual: monitoring and guidance for legal security in market relations, drafting contracts, amendments and cancellations that regulate the company’s commercial operations, observing the particularities of the sector;
  • Corporate: legal advice on corporate and M&A transactions involving companies in the agribusiness sector, shareholders’ agreement and corporate restructuring, advice on raising funds through the capital market;
  • Tax: specialized consultancy in attention to the particularities of the agribusiness sector, recognized performance in administrative and judicial litigation, in particular to contain tax assessments, excessive fines and credit recovery;
  • Labor: preventive consultancy and assistance in litigation, defenses in investigative procedures and public civil actions, as well as in class actions, negotiations of collective agreements with the Union.