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Technology And Digital Business

We provide integrated advice to our clients in the area of technology and digital business, offering services in the areas of corporate, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), contracts, consulting, intellectual property, labor, tax, banking, consumer protection, regulatory, negotiation and resolution of conflicts.

Main services offered:

– Articles of incorporation, partners’ agreement, exchange of equity interest, capital contributions, MoU, non-disclosure agreement;

– Due diligence for investments;

– Legal advice for M&A transactions, both on the sell side and on the buy side;

– Preparation and review of SaaS, marketplace, e-commerce, electronic payment, licensing, SLA, systems integration contracts;

– Preparation and review of commercial contracts (service provision, lending, loan, mortgage) and other documents that permeate the company’s daily life (notifications, powers of attorney, terms of discharge, cancellations);

– Preparation and review of terms of use, documents and procedures for sweepstakes, promotions and sponsorships;

– Compliance and adequacy with the LGPD and production of terms of use, privacy policies and authorizations;

– Integral assistance in advertising, product development, launching of new products, packaging, brochures, notices, guarantees, terms and conditions and user manuals;

– Preparation of contracts and consultancy for technology transfer, franchising, licensing and assignment of intellectual property;

– Consultancy in the registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, software and copyrights;

– Expertise in administrative and legal proceedings involving intellectual property (trademarks and copyright);

– Analysis of taxation incident on customer operations and tax planning;

– Consulting in the tax area;

– Provision of consultancy and preventive assistance in the labor area, acting in cooperation with the legal, human resources, management and personnel departments of the companies;

– Preparation of employment contracts;

– Expertise in administrative proceedings (labor inspection and conduction of actions promoted by the Public Ministry of Labor) and legal actions in the labor field;

– Legal advice, litigation and consultancy in the area of Administrative Law, including bidding processes, administrative and judicial procedures;

– Consultancy on consumer relations and defense of the interests of clients in consumer law litigation;

– Negotiations and conflict resolution, representation in legal proceedings.