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Data Protection

We are a team of internationally certified professionals, capable of providing a complete program of adequacy and compliance to the LGPD, which ranges from assessment, through data mapping and risk analysis, to internal training and the implementation of technical and appropriate legal provisions.

We provide consultancy for the protection of privacy and governance of personal data, highlighting the review and development of privacy policies, review of contracts and drafting of clauses relating to the processing of personal data, consent management, preparation and review of protection reports. data and risks and analysis and structuring of new businesses with a bias towards privacy by design.

We have a team of partners in related areas, such as information technology and security and systems development, capable of assisting in all matters related to technology and data protection.

We work as a team, in a multidisciplinary and transversal way, together with all areas of our clients, in order to meet the needs in relation to matters involving the processing of personal data, including:


  • Structuring and approval of a complete adequacy project, divided into three stages:

(i) planning and mapping, through a true audit of processed personal data and processing operations, survey of areas, treatment routines and inventory of processed personal data, and registration, survey and analysis of any gaps, the level of adequacy and the risks of personal data processing operations carried out;

(ii) monitoring the implementation of technical, organizational and legal measures, through the provision and preparation of base documents (such as policies, terms, treatment notices and communications for suppliers, employees and clients), review of contracts and contractual clauses, review treatment routines and measures carried out by the company and assistance in structuring communication channels with holders and for exercising holder rights, as well as assistance in the implementation and management of consent;

(iii) continuity, in which we maintain a close relationship to help update documents, as changes in routines and processing operations, compliance with consultative demands, document review, new projects and internal processes;

  • Drafting, reviewing and analyzing contracts and drafting contractual amendments in relation to best practices in terms of the processing of personal data;
  • Elaboration and review of internal policies, codes of conduct, terms of acceptance of commercial conditions, as well as advising on the implementation of new commercial practices, in order to adapt them to the LGPD;
  • Consultative action on matters of liability, legal obligations, business practices, conduct, internal training and contractual protection, through the preparation of legal and material opinions, close and continuous monitoring and punctual action in specific consultations and requests;
  • Definition of strategy, preparation of communications, defenses, manifestations and appeals in the judicial and administrative scope regarding requests and communications from holders, crisis scenarios involving incidents and/or data leakage and the ANPD;
  • Participation in meetings, hearings, carrying out oral arguments and/or conversation with judges and lawyers of the counterparty, if relevant, as well as in judgment sessions;
  • Identification and strategic action with offenders: repetitive demands arising from holders and/or improper capture by opposing lawyers;
  • Qualification of the team through the provision of materials and content, as well as, as the case may be, providing training, seminars and lectures;
  • Joint action with the client’s commercial and marketing areas to provide comprehensive advice on advertising, development and launch of new products, including packaging, pamphlets, notices, warranties, terms and conditions, user manuals, privacy policies and data management.