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Supervisory And Class Bodies

We work in the advisory and litigation areas (administrative procedures with supervisory and class bodies, civil lawsuits and civil inquiries).

We are experienced in monitoring administrative procedures with supervisory bodies, such as Inmetro, Procon, as well as class bodies, such as CREA, CRA, OAB, exercising strategic action in obtaining the defense of our clients.

Zavagna Gralha Advogados has a team specialized in dealing with the topic, highlighting:

  • Exercise of administrative defense in relation to tax assessment notices;
  • Preventive monitoring of possible liabilities subject to assessment;
  • Adoption of legal measures to review tax assessment notices;
  • Analysis of profile and professional conduct in relation to the norms of the class body;
  • Mapping of observance of duties and fulfillment of class obligations;
  • Strategic conduction of disciplinary processes with professional bodies;
  • Adoption of preventive measures to non-compliance with professional