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We provide consultancy and assistance with a preventive approach to safeguard contingencies, working in cooperation with the legal, human resources, management and personnel departments of companies. Our work involves quick, daily and direct action with the internal business sectors, efficiently participating in decision-making.

In litigation, our work is divided between administrative proceedings, in which we work with labor inspection and in the experienced conduction of lawsuits filed by the Public Ministry of Labor, and between lawsuits, in which we carry out liability management to reduce financial impacts and that involve issues relevant to our clients. We diagnose the cost-benefit ratio of conflicts, identifying the desirability of maintaining them.

Zavagna Gralha’s labor area operates on several fronts, such as:

  • Carrying out legal diagnoses in order to know and investigate particular issues that may represent a labor liability, even if hidden, to companies;
  • Structuring of benefits, aiming to meet the client’s objectives: preparation of Job and Salary Plans and Profit Sharing; negotiation and structuring of hour banks; structuring of bonuses, awards, variable compensation plans, bonuses and allowances, amongst others;
  • Hiring executives: preparation of compensation plans and contractual alignments;
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization: guidance on mergers and acquisitions, establishment closures, due diligence;
  • Hiring third parties: sales representatives, service providers and labor outsourcing;
  • Strategic and intelligent action with unions, federations and confederations, acting creatively in the demands. Extensive experience in collective bargaining and negotiations with strikers;
  • Embargoes and interdictions: quick and strategic action with supervisory bodies and the Judiciary;
  • Team qualifications: training, seminars and lectures;
  • Guidance on employee expatriation/hiring immigrants;
  • Public civil actions and class actions: Strategic Action;
  • Measurement and creative performance in strategic demands: actions filed by directors and senior employees, as well as actions that, even though they do not represent a high cost, bring a relevant internal impact;
  • Acting with opposing lawyers: repetitive demands arising from the inappropriate attraction of opposing lawyers.