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Legal advice, litigation and consultancy in the area, assisting in the performance of clients before the Direct and Indirect Public Administration.

Extensive experience with administrative contracts, including public tenders, concessions and public-private partnerships (PPP). Guidance on the relationship between suppliers and service providers with the most varied public bodies.

Strong performance with the Administrative Impropriety Law, sponsoring Collective Law demands, and other related matters. Defenses in administrative procedures and legal proceedings that deal with regulatory issues.

Extensive experience in the infrastructure, heavy construction and technology sectors.

  • Legal advice in the relationship, including compliance, governance and corporate ethics in the interaction with state-owned
  • Assistance in the signing of administrative contracts, analysis of notices, support for qualifications and contesting contests.
  • Representation in demands relating to a bidding process, at administrative and judicial levels, for review or cancellation of impositions of sanctions.
  • Defense against application of contractual or administrative
  • Consultancy and assistance for claims for economic-financial rebalancing or contract extension.
  • Representation in civil liability actions and procedures, including administrative proceedings before the CGU, TCU, Ministries and Regulatory
  • Legal action by filing writs of mandamus, habeas data and annulment
  • Representation in litigation dealing with Administrative Impropriety Law, terms of adjustment of conduct and negotiations with control and inspection
  • Legal assistance in requests for permission, administrative licenses and representations before the government, including the issue of administrative