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Giorgio Blessmann Milano



Degree in Law (UFRGS)
Financial Analyst (FGV)
Cambridge Law Studio (UK, 2014)

Speaks and writes fluently in English (TOLES Certification).

Professional Experience

M&A, wealth planning and corporate law.

Assisted over than 100 operations in the last five years, in different segments: (i) series A in a software company in a round with investments superior than R$ 500 million (we assisted the founders of the company); (ii) acquisition of a food service company with a relevant national presence (we assisted Grupo Trigo in the acquisition of China In Box); (iii) sale of VNDA to Olist (we assisted the founders of Vnda); (iv) sale of Foxter to Loft (we assisted the founders of Foxter); (v) sale of equity in ChecklistFacil to SoftPlan (we assisted the founders of ChecklistFacil); (vi) Sale of Baw to Arezzo (we assisted the founders of Baw).

Concerning wealth planning activities, Giorigio assists family offices in corporate restructurings (considering the asset composition) as well as setting-up foreign businesses (such as holding companies). This activity, performed by Zavagna Gralha Advogados, is conducted together with other group of practices, specially Tax.

Regarding corporate law, Giorgio is responsible for conducting corporate restructurins, such as spin-offs, mergers, as well as ordinary corporate operations (capital reductions, shareholders’ meetings). It is important to highlight that our office has a strong experience with corporate conflicts, and Giorgio is responsible for implementing the extrajudicial strategies, which also is conducted with the litigation team.