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Fabiana Ramos Lima Amadei Casarolli



Bachelor of Laws: Legal and Social Sciences School
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS);
Postgraduate specialization (lato sensu) in Civil Procedure Law
Faculdade Educamais (UNIMAIS);
New commercial contracts Course
ESA/RS - Escola Superior de Advocacia do Rio Grande do Sul (ESA/RS);
LGPD (Brazilian Data Privacy and Protection Act) Training on Labor
Relations: Theory and Practice
Universo Cursos Jurídicos LTDA
Workshop on Labor Law Reform: Impacts on labor relations
Associação Nacional de Hospitais Privados (ANAHP);

Professional Experience

Practice in the areas of business, contractual, and civil law, covering
preventive advisory. Experience in an internal department institutional legal in
the healthcare sector. Experience in contract analysis, strategic negotiations,
internal advisory, internal and external client support, LGPD advisory, and